The Making of a Great Facial

The Making of a Great Facial


Everyone wants great skin, so lets talk about how to get it.Of course genes play a huge role as does proper diet, sleep and topical skin care. In addition to all of those things a great facial is essential, and It all has to work in conjunction. To be point blank and honest, after a facial, your skin simply looks better. So what makes a great facial? My advice is to make it medical. Medical facials are not your ' relaxing while they put essential oils on your face' kind of facial. This type of facial addresses skin-care issues and concerns, and is more clinical (and yes sometimes it hurts). Medical facials also include services such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels.

I recently got the most amazing facial last week by licensed esthetician Anna Leybovich. Anna works in Dr. Yael Halaas' office in New York City. Dr. Halaas is considered one of the best facial plastic surgeons in the city. So the fact that she is part of her team says a lot about Anna's skills. Anna really believes in extractions and cleaning the pores , especially if the skin is prone to acne. She explained that even If your skin is dry, you still need a facial to address exfoliation and moisture issues. She believes that everyone should have a facial by a someone that really understands skin.

Anna is Russian and told me that is her country, an esthetician has to first become a nurse, so this made me feel really comfortable; not to mention she had some of the best skin I have ever sePrior to getting my facial with Anna, I got a chemical peel the week prior in the same office. My skin has been dull and I knew it needed a deep exfoliation. When I met with Anna, she told me my skin was good but I had a great deal of clogged pores which she spent a lot of time extracting after a good steaming. She followed the extractions with a wonderful mask.The results beautiful glowing skin, that actually looks better everyday.

Every one needs an Anna in their beauty routine!For more information on services by Anna Leybovich and Dr.Yalel Halaas, please





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