Lip Gloss That Rocks: Armour Beauty

Lip Gloss That Rocks: Armour Beauty


Theo Kogan is the creator of Armour Beauty and my beauty industry crush! I'm attracted to everything that is Armour Beauty .This lip gloss was created by rocker/model/makeup artist/mom (some of the things I love most in life). Theo performed with bands such as Theo and Skyscrapers and the Lunachicks. She has modeled for iconic brands such as Calvin Klein, Burberry and Kenneth Cole. She is also an over the top makeup artist know for unique and outrageous styles. All of these attributes combined allowed her to take notice to what was missing in the industry: A lip gloss that is beautiful and sexy with all day staying power. From this Amour Beauty was born.

I was first introduced to Theo Kogan through David Klasfeld (creator and owner of OCC) at The Makeup Show a few years back. We had a "lipstick lunch" last week in Brooklyn and here is what she had to say about music, family life, and the future of Amour Beauty.

Q: So tell me a little about Rock Star Life?

A: It started with my best friends and we all thought, ‘oh we like music lets start a band’. We started The Lunachicks while attending Laguardia High School.

Q: Did your band tour?

A: Yes! While attending The School of Visual Arts in New York City I left in my sophomore year because we were signed to an English label, and went on tour. It's always been music and art for me.

Q: How did you get into makeup?

A: I started to teach myself special effects, which you can see on our first album. By the end of 2006 while on tour with Theo and The Skyscrappers, I was thinking what was next for me, and that's when the concept of Armour Beauty was born. I actually started the brand before I started doing makeup, and decided that since I had a brand I might as well start doing makeup. I was already very good at it, and had been doing it non officially over the years for friends etc. I also had some pretty cool teachers, and industry support from people like James Vincent and Michael DeVellis.

Q: When was Armour Beauty's official launch?

A: 2009

Q: So tell me about family life?

A: I'm married and my husband was the fire breathing guitar player in the band The Toilet. We have a beautiful little girl named Lucy who is three and a half and one of my glosses is actually named after her.

Q: Which brings me to my next question, what inspires the names of your gloss?

A: My glosses are named after songs, bands, and pop icons. Some examples are: 'Kashmir'– Led Zeppelin, 'Last Dance' – Donna Summer, 'Nirvana' – Nirvana' Brigitte Bardot' – Actress/Animal Rights Activist 'Diana' – Princess Diana/ Diana Ross , 'Foxy ' -The original Foxy Brown aka Pam Grier , 'Grace' – Grace Jones, of course


Q: So whats up next for Amour Beauty?

A: We just launched a completely vegan gloss called Brigitte, and are in the works of creating an entire vegan line (Armour V).

Armour Beauty Lip Glosses are made with shea butter, avocado, mango, olive butters, olive oils, grape seed oil and vitamin e. For more information about Amour Beauty please visit



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