Forever Young: How Cosmetic Fillers are Changing the Beauty Game

Forever Young: How Cosmetic Fillers are Changing the Beauty Game




Most of us have seen the commercial with the slogan: Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Maybelline. We see a beautiful young girl with flawless skin, high cheek bones, and the perfect set of teeth. We buy into what she's selling us and we want it: youth. We look at the Beyonce/Loreal campaign and hear her beautiful voice telling us we are worth it, who can disagree. I, like most women believe I'm worth it! We live in a culture where women as young as 23 are concerned with anti-aging. According to The Market Watch by The Wall Street Journal the sales of anti-aging products and has grown from an estimated 261.9 billion in 2013, up from $162 billion just five years ago. So the question is: Will the lotions, potions and other "age defying products" help turn back father time or keep us from aging further? Will it make you look like a more photo shopped version of yourself? The answer is simple, no external product rubbed on the face is going to make you look 10 years younger. It might make you mentally feel like your doing something, but the truth is this approach is minimal at best. So are we supposed to all just to grow old gracefully, or subject ourselves to invasive surgeries. The answer is no, not if you don't want to. What does seem to help combat aging and is taking the beauty industry by storm are cosmetic fillers. This simple in office procedure is being requested by women mid 20's on up.

So what are cosmetic fillers and what exactly do they do? I consulted with Dr Ramtin Kassir a triple board certified facial plastic surgeon in the New York tri state area. The doctor explained to me that you can use FDA approved products such as Restylane® and Perlane®, to fill in lines and add fulness to areas of the face. Both are made from hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally in the body. Cosmetic Fillers are the "new black" when it comes to anti aging, a little fill here, a little there can be done before it's a full blown issue. Fillers are great to restore fullness to your face, plump lips, enhance contours or soften those facial wrinkles and creases.They are not for sagging skin and must be repeated and maintained (just like most beauty routines). These fillers are nothing like Botox, which is made from bacterial toxin botulin. You can see immediate results that last 6 to 18 months and there is a very small percentage of adverse affects. Dr Ramtin even performs a 15 min non surgical nose job using just fillers.

While cosmetic fillers, might not be for everyone they are a safe option for most. Please share your comments and experience with the community. I wish you a lifetime of beauty.

For more information on cosmetic fillers please consult a board certified plastic surgeon. For more information of Dr. Ramtin Kassir please visit

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