Eco-Chic: The Best in Sustainable Fall Fashion

Eco-Chic: The Best in Sustainable Fall Fashion


Do you ever think about how your clothes are made, and the effect they have on the environment? Believe it or not, the fashion choices we make can be very ugly to our bodies and the environment (especially if you're prone to allergies). The Organic Trade Association claims that cotton is one of the world's dirtiest crops, due to its heavy use of insecticides.

So what's a fashionista to do? We all have to do our part to help sustain Mother Earth by becoming more eco-conscious, and by supporting companies that do the same. This season, purchase a few Eco-Couture items from companies that are committed to preserving the earth but at the same time keep you up to date with the latest fashion trends. You can also recycle and purchase from your local thrift stores. H&M has a global garment collection which allows you to hand in any clothes you no longer want. H&M in exchange for your old clothing will give you a discount off your purchase. This process allows them to turn old garments into new fashion which reduces waste. The goal is to one day have 100 waste from fashion.

Here are some of my picks for top sustainable brands with style, from my closet to yours:

Earth Creations: This brand was created from an off road biking experience . The owner took her mountain bike out for some off-road biking and ended up covered with Alabama red dirt that wouldn't come out. When Joy met her partner Martin years later, he was intrigued by the strength of that red clay. With Martin's background in chemistry and his love for the environment, He began experimenting with the clay as a dye for T-shirts. That was almost 17 years ago. Their garments are still colored with natural clay dyes using the process Martin originally developed.



Eileen Fisher: This brand is one of the leading supporters in sustainable practices. Eileen Fisher uses organic cotton grown in a bio-diverse, balanced ecosystem. This practice supports clean water, clean air and a healthy environment for workers and wildlife. She also uses sustainable fibers such as hemp and Tencel® which is an eco-friendly alternative to rayon. Did I mention her clothing is absolutely beautiful! It's classic and feminine with a downtown edge.


Lole Women: This lifestyle brand had a very cool line of organic cotton clothing that's good for the planet. There clothes are fun, and comfortable.


EarthKeepers by Timberland: I love this urban eco friendly line, it's the true marriage between rugged and urban sustainable chic.They make products from head to toe using organic cotton for both men and women. Their leather footwear is sourced from a tannery that practices sustainability.



Stay tuned next week for my coverage of Fashion Week Brooklyn, which will showcase an entire evening of eco-conscious designers.


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