Natural Edgez Turns Protective Styles Into Wearable Art

Natural Edgez Turns Protective Styles Into Wearable Art


With the colder weather approaching a lot of brown gals are turning to protective hair styles. Protective hair styles are know as styles that protect your hair from daily combing, over processing, over washing, and even the elements. When us brown gals think protective styling we usually go for something in the braided category (braids, twists and weaves).

Some protective styles (specifically braids and corn rolls) prove to be not so protective, and even violet. I interviewed a natural hair stylist in the past that felt the relationship between the wrong hair braider and client can be that of "an abusive relationship". I have cried after getting certain styles done, having to take pain relievers. Sometimes whats radiates amazing on the outside, looks differently at the hair follicles ( this can sometimes create permanent damage). Most of us have seen the images of Naomi Cambell's dramatically receding edges on line.

I'm here to tell you about Natural Edgez! Founder and president Thema Taylor. Not only does Thema creates wearable art, but she believes in protecting your edges (and hair). As she likes to say 'tight aight right'! Thema did my hair, and during the process I have NEVER felt someone so gently. I didn't even know she was braiding my hair, that's how soft the process was.

Thema got her start at the world famous Khamit Kinks, under the founder Anu Prestonia. Raised in Brooklyn, New York in a cultural family, she grew up with locks. When she decided to cut her locks she learned how to keep natural and stylish, and was inspired to do the same for others. The beautiful mother of two (boy and girl) learned to inspire unique styles by getting inspirations from fashion, culture and style. She looks at a clients face and personality when creating.Thema and the Natural Edgez team don't just simple braid, or weave they creates wearable art!

People chase me down the street to ask about my hair. It's such a reflection of my spirit and culture that I rock like a crown! If you live or visit the New York area I would let Natural Edgez hook you up.


For more information or to book an appointment with Natural Edgez please email them You can also check them out on Instagram @NaturalEdgez



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