The Best Lipstick Shades For Summer

The Best Lipstick Shades For Summer


It’s not always all about the eyes!


Sometimes, it’s about the pout. Lipsticks can be the perfect way to add an extra punch of color to your everyday look. Especially with these hot summer months coming up, when temperatures sky rocket the makeup literally seems to melt off your face, that fancy eye makeup just won’t do. Lipsticks are quick and easy to throw on, instantly brightening your complexion creating an effortless yet “put together” look. Not to mention, with the right lipstick shade it can actually intensify the color of your eyes and help slim your face.

Here are some of our favorite bright and beautiful lipstick shades for spring and summer

Bright and Bold:



This indie orange-red is the perfect shade to wear when you’re rocking it out at those summer concerts and festivals. This looks amazing on medium/darker skinned gals.



Fearless is anything but dull. This bright hot pink shade will instantly brighten up your face. Glam it up with some chunky jewelry and a pattern print top or make it pop (even more) with a simple monochrome sundress. A great shade for all skin tones.



This gorgeous shade of purple demands attention. Great color to wear for a night out on the town with your girls (aka dancing divas). Perfect for medium to dark skintones.

Make It Last

Lipsticks are fairly discreet and easily thrown in your purse for touch ups, but let’s be honest, even that can be a hassle.  You may not have the time to re-apply your lipstick when you need to nor should you have to.  Here’s a great tutorial on how to make your lipstick last so you will have one less thing to worry about! This same technique can be used for any shade as long as you have a matching lip liner and lipstick. Softer shades can also use a little gloss overtop if you like. :-)

Don’t let yourself be intimidated by color, try something new and let your lips be the center of attention this summer. A great way to try some color is with our “Lipstick Adventure Pack“. This has 5 of our brightest and  boldest shades that are just waiting for you to test them out.

To check out more of our lipstick shades visit the Makeup Geek Store

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